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Personal information of visitors: does not provide our visitors information to third party. we only use our visitors’ email to respond their questions and queries. we protect the information our visitors completely. If someone shares his email address or other information for the sake of applying any job to a company, We directly  send that very information to the company to whom visitor wants to apply and we do not save any information of that very person. so their information can not be share to anyone.

Our Aim:

our basic aim is to provide jobs advertisements to our visitors at one place. because no one have access and time to read all newspapers for the sake of job advertisements. so we provide a platform to our visitors where they can check all published advertisement at one place. we take advertisements from daily published newspapers from all over Pakistan. we do not provide any guarantee for the accuracy and authenticity of these jobs. because  we take this material from a third party and we have not any connection to the genuine publishers of the advertisement. so its totally upon the visitors or applicants who are going to apply for the jobs, to check the authenticity and accuracy of the job before they get forged or scam.

Website and Cookies:

If any one of our visitor comments at our website then he puts his email address and other information at our website. these are the automatic functions of our website and we do not share these information to anyone. we use cookies to evaluate our website traffic but do not share to any other. some time for the sake of traffic evaluation, our visitors information may be shared to  our advertiser but this would be only for the sake of traffic evaluation and no other purpose.

Linking with other websites: uses some other websites links. but we are not responsible for these websites. we warn our visitors to be aware of any scam or fraud from these links and we will not be responsible for any mishap in this regard.

Third Party Advertisement:

We provide guarantee to our visitors that their all information at our website at totally safe and secure from unauthorized access. visitors also must read all the instruction and information before filling any form, columns or row at our website for the security of their privacy.  we intimate our visitors that we advertise different article and items with the help of third Party advertisers. so these advertiser can read the information at our website and our pages. as different advertisers use different cookies and robot to evaluate the website traffic and these cookies and robot may read the information of our visitors who place their bio data at our website. There will not be any misuse of this data but we will not be responsible for any misuse.

Our Privacy:

We use our self created and purchased logos, Monograms, content color scheme and different other things at our website. and no one have the right to use these things as these are placed at our website. if some one found guilty in this regard, he, she will face the court of law in this regard. We, reserve the right to make any change in our privacy policy and other things according to our needs and requirements of our website as well as our third party advertisers and no one have the right to challenge it. for more information about privacy please contact us at:

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