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Oil greedy America! Will US hands start to make bigger even to the rulers of Saudi rulers!

The grasping oil of America has depended on its increase and prosperity. Today, the United States of America, whose happiness and prosperity depend upon oil, and its prosperity right here, we’re here to help. And will continue to say that the Americans have a unique role on the arena’s oil reserves, particularly the ones of the Muslim international locations, and of which, if you want to reinforce their lust, of which There also are those whose dependence at the economic system depends on oil production. These countries have the energy to govern their energy. The United States is putting in place a vicious software of career on which it is progressively acting, and it has taken its terrorist position to capture manage of these Muslim international locations’ oil reserves and provide they are wondering a real color. Activists and aggressive attitudes have devised their barbaric policy of shedding human blood to capture manage of the oil reserves of those Muslim countries. These days, their inhumane movements and wondering can not be exemplified.

World’s Oil Reserves

Because today it has left at the back of atrocities like Genghis Khan and Halaku Khan, regardless of the phobia of the United States occupying the world’s oil reserves, his thinking has not modified yet. The oil reserves of Muslim international locations. The high minister of the arena, who occupied and played Muslim Holi, has made it his motto that if he wants to hold rule in his very own world today, he has to capture on oil reserves for the sake of his economic system and survival. So its improvement and prosperity are feasible and it cannot hold its rule over the arena.

Although these days a big part of the arena is looking it a terrorist due to its innumerable inhumane regulations to seize its oil reserves, it’s miles notwithstanding the world’s criticisms that its intentions and There aren’t any flexibility in the competitive aggression. As time passes, its profession of the Muslim world’s oil reserves is regularly increasing, however, it’s far not hard to estimate nowadays as to its madness. He has said that whatever barriers to his thought achievement will ruin them. Whatever the sector may also call it, regardless of the worst words it may call it, it will no longer allow even an unmarried phrase to come into its mind, nor exchange its competitive policy under the pressure of anyone.

Economy, Politics, and Morality

As we have stated in our previous columns, America has never been a chum of any Muslim united states and can’t be drawing close because it’s miles her testimony that on every occasion she extended friendship to a Muslim u. S. A ., she becomes additionally at the back of it. Many of his pastimes remained invisible, until which he persisted to flatter the ones Muslim countries and our Muslim rulers knew his flattering attitudes as a incredible honor to him, however, because the United States succeeded in accomplishing its pastimes, Not only did it terminate friendship with Muslim countries, but the US file says that as long as it met any Muslim The Coalition, which had formed an alliance, also corrupted the economy, politics, and morality of the united states of America, and in any manner spoiled it so much that it becomes unable to expose its mouth anywhere.

Today, via its very nature, the identical American has begun playing the same game with Saudi Arabia, as evidence that we can mention the information wherein the United States has without a doubt began to grow stress on Saudi Arabia to boom its sanctions on Iran. To grow its oil production as plenty as possible to fill the oil deliver gap.

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